Developing content for the iPhone

Web sites and Internet services that are iPhone friendly will be an important opportunity for web developers and people who host a web site. The next Web Weavers Workshop will feature iPhone expert, Rich Warren, who will share his thoughts and tips on creating content for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

More information about the event here.

Setting the ALT tag in WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 introduced changes to image and media handling. One thing that might not be easily evident is the matter of ALT tags for images.

susanj at GIRLZWITHURLZ said this:

I also don’t feel good about deleting the caption (although I did that) as WP says that it also serve as the img’s alt tag, and I want to provide alt tags for ADA compliance, not just to be descriptive.

Well, I think you can have your cake and eat it, too.

WP 2.6 provdes another way to ALT an image under the Advanced Setting tab.

In the Advanced Image Settings section under this tab enter your text into the field, Edit Alternate Text. That will do it.

I tested this when I posted my photos of Willie K and Augie T from last night at my photo site:

To create this gallery of nine images I set the thumbnails to 150×100 (original size 640×427). I also set the vertical and horizontal spaces around the image to 3. I did these two items as well as set the ALT text under the Advanced Settings tab. I found the need to set thumbnails in the Advanced Settings tab because when the original is too large, WP does not automatically resize the thumbnail under the Edit Image tab.

The lightbox effect is done with this plugin:

Understanding if, then, else…

Posted by Jeff Chandler on Weblog Tools Collection, an easy to understand explanation of boolean logic.

Permalinks bug in WP 2.6

Many people have reported that the links to their posts get a 404 not found error message after upgrading to the latest WordPress version, 2.6. This is indeed a verified bug and has been reported. There is an easy fix to apply until the bug is fixed in 2.6.1.

Here is the link to information about the bug and the easy fix.