WordPress Help – unwanted comments

“Is there any way that i can block these unwanted comments that keep on coming out?  I’ve been trashing them. They always come out on the ‘our may schedule page’.”

Yes, you may disable the ability for visitors to comment on your posts and pages. WordPress, by default, allows comments and trackbacks on posts and pages. To disable future comments go to the post or page on which comments appear. Look below the main editing area for a section called “Discussion”. There will be two check boxes: Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page. Uncheck these boxes.

If you don’t see the section “Discussion” look in the top right hand corner of the window. There will be a tab called Screen Options. Opening this tab will show a list of the items that can be seen or unseen within this window. Check the “Discussion” item. You will now see the “Discussion” section somewhere below the main editing area.