WP eCommerce 3.9 Review


By Beka Rice on Sell with WP

WP eCommerce is one of the most mature eCommerce solutions for WordPress, but its growth and core development have slowed in the past couple of years. New users sometimes had difficulty finding the extensions or themes they needed to create the store that they wanted, and the plugin had almost a decade worth of code that made both maintaining backwards compatibility and compatibility with newer versions of WordPress challenging.

With the version 3.9 release last week, a new approach, brand, and ecosystem have been launched, and over 70% of the code base has been rewritten to improve performance and lay better groundwork for future updates.

While the WP eCommerce 3.9 release implements some huge changes (including some changes to the ecosystem we’ve covered), the previous 3.8.14 release actually contained significant internal changes as well. We’ll go through some of what’s changed in each release, and what users will see when using the newest version of the plugin.

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