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Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle VanFossen writes about everything WordPress, blogging and social media; covering everything about how blogging business and social stuff works.

Lorelle recently posted this outstanding primer on WordPress for writers. Not only does it provide a basic explanation on WordPress’ structure and features that would be helpful for authors, it is an excellent instructional post on WordPress as a publishing resource.

Publishing is part of WordPress’ DNA—for writers, photographers, organizations, personal or commercial—it’s all writing.

Here is the link to her post:


To the WordPress Community: A Call to Simplicity

WordPress themes developer, UpThemes, has put out an open letter to the WordPress Community and to the public that resonates with some of the things I’ve been feeling and advocating.

“Simple is most often best.”

Learn more about their message at:  https://upthemes.com/open-letter/

Mike Little, the other co-founder of WordPress

Mike Little, the other co-founder of WordPress, lands a Wikipedia page.

On the 10th anniversary of WordPress, Little is interviewed by Simon Dickson. Great historical information.


WordPress Help – unwanted comments

“Is there any way that i can block these unwanted comments that keep on coming out?  I’ve been trashing them. They always come out on the ‘our may schedule page’.”

Yes, you may disable the ability for visitors to comment on your posts and pages. WordPress, by default, allows comments and trackbacks on posts and pages. To disable future comments go to the post or page on which comments appear. Look below the main editing area for a section called “Discussion”. There will be two check boxes: Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page. Uncheck these boxes.

If you don’t see the section “Discussion” look in the top right hand corner of the window. There will be a tab called Screen Options. Opening this tab will show a list of the items that can be seen or unseen within this window. Check the “Discussion” item. You will now see the “Discussion” section somewhere below the main editing area.

Three new WordPress plugin vulnerabilities and what to do about them

WordFence reports three new WordPress plugin vulnerabilities. These security related issues should be resolved as soon as possible.

The plugin Complete Gallery Manager 3.3.3 contains a remotely exploitable file upload vulnerability. Code Canyon, the vendor, recently released a fix. Immediately upgrade to 3.3.4 which contains a fix for this serious vulnerability.

A shell upload vulnerability has emerged in an older version of Lazy SEO version 1.1.9. Make sure you’re running the newest version of this plugin which is 1.4.1.

An SQL injection vulnerability has emerged in the NoSpamPTI plugin. This plugin is deprecated and is no longer maintained by the developer so we recommend you uninstall it and find an alternative.

Wordfence is a CyberSecurity solution for WordPress providing anti-virus and firewall protection for WordPress installed web sites.