Where is WordPress headed in 2015?

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Here are two views on the future of WordPress which may be of interest to WordPress developers and hosts.

They talk about the inclusion of WP-API and how it will facilitate a broader implementation of custom dashboards, something I’ve been seeking for a long time. Why is this important? Imagine WP-Admin as a seamless integration of presentation and administration. Expect front-end editing.

Noel Tock’s other thoughts include language, since the majority of WordPress sites are not English serving and the WordPress community.

Tim Nash makes some dire predictions in the area of security: That a serious security failure will visit a major commercial plugin developer and even the WordPress core itself. He also discusses Drupal, Magento, SSL and PHP.

Noel Tock from Human Made
WordPress in 20153

Tim Nash (developer-centric)
Tim’s 2015 WordPress Predictions3